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Thứ Sáu, 8 tháng 7, 2011

How to use Facebook inside GooglePlus Account

More people is now moving to Google+ from Facebook, because Google+ is just a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Skype and More. If you are ready to move from Facebook to Google+ this is the most useful post for you. Now you can Integrate Facebook News Feeds into Google+ Stream. Even You can Update status to the Facebook from Google+ account.
Facebook to Google plus
All you need to do this, You have to Install Simple Extension for your Browser. Thats all, Lets see how to Install and use the Facebook inside your Google+ account.

Click here to Go to Google+Facebook Extension Download page

Download the Extension for your browser (supported for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer) and Install the Extension.
After Installing the Extension, Visit Google Plus and Login with Your login Details. Now You can see Facebook icon appears near the Home Icon button. Click the Facebook icon button.
Facebook Icon in Google plus
Facebook page loads and You can see ‘CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK’ button in that page. Click that button and the Facebook request to grant permission for the Application, in that Click ‘ALLOW‘. Now the Facebook News Feed will load in your page. You can View all your friends updates and Favorite page updates in your Google+ account itself. Even You can Update status of your facebook from this interface. (see screenshot below)
Facebook Interface in google plus

Source: How to use Facebook inside your Google+ Account

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