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Thứ Sáu, 8 tháng 7, 2011

Free eBook: "How to Use Twitter for Business – An Introductory Guide" for 2011

Learn how to start using Twitter in 2011 to achieve your business goals.

Maintaining an effective Twitter presence can be a powerful part of your business' social media marketing strategy. 
describe the imageUsed successfully, Twitter can help you:
  1. Develop and promote your brand
  2. Interact and support your customer base  
  3. Monitor what people are saying about your company and brand
  4. Create buzz around upcoming promotions and events
  5. Promote thought leadership content you’ve created
  6. Develop direct relationships with bloggers and journalists for public relations success
  7. Generate leads!
Adopting a practical, step-by-step approach, this comprehensive, 40-page eBook will teach you how to get started with Twitter in 2011. Specifically, you will learn how to:
  • Sign up for Twitter and optimize your profile
  • Find the right people to follow and attract new followers
  • Engage with your network
  • Use Twitter for business, marketing, lead generation, PR, and customer service
  • Understand Twitter's role in social search
  • Track and analyze your campaigns
With more than 200 million users, Twitter offers a great communication platform for you to reach your audience. Fill out the form to your left to download your copy of "How to Use Twitter for Business – An Introductory Guide" for 2011.

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